Route info

*** BELGIUM ***
Belgium, Charleroi: Attractions: Stopover.
Place to stay: Basse Sambre Hotel (52 euro, double)

*** FRANCE ***
France, Chalon-en-Champagne: Attractions: Stopover.
Place to stay: Formula 1 Hotel (32 euro, triple)

France, Beaune: Attractions: Pretty old town.
Place to stay: Formula 1 Hotel (32 euro)

France, Montelimar: Attractions: Stopover.
Place to stay: Lemon Hotel (32 euro, double)

France, Avignon: Attractions: Old Papal city and Papal palace.

France, Arle: Attractions: Pretty old Roman town. Also famous for Van Gogh.

France, Calmarques: Attractions: National Park with a river delta and wild horses.

France, Martigues: Attractions: Pretty port town, close to Marseille.
Place to stay: Formula 1 Hotel (35 euro, triple)

France, Hyeres: Attractions: Stopover.
Place to stay: Formula 1 Hotel (33 euro, triple)

Monaco, Monte-Carlo: Attractions: Famous jet-set city with famous street circuit.

France, Nice: Attractions: Famous Riviere city. Ferry to Corsica.
Place to stay: Formula 1 Hotel (40 euro, triple)

France, Bastia (Corsica): Attractions: Stopover.
Place to stay: Apart Hotel (60 euro, double in design hotel)

France, Bonifacio (Corsica): Attractions: Very pretty town on a cliff above the sea. Ferry to Sardinia
Place to stay: Royal Hotel (46 euro, double)

*** ITALY ***
Italy, Olbia: Attractions: Ferry to mainland Italy.

Italy, Rome: Attractions: Great old Roman city and many other sights! Vatican City.

Italy, Potemzia: Attractions: Stopover.
Place to stay: ? Hotel (60 euro, double)

Italy, Napoli: Attractions: Very italian city.
Place to stay: Mercury Hotel (50 euro, double)

Italy, Pompei: Attractions: Ruins of an old Roman city, covered with vulcanic ash.
Place to stay: Camping (15 euro)

Italy, Bari: Attractions: Ferry to Greece.

*** GREECE ***
Greece, Patra: Attractions: Ferry from Italy arrives here.
Place to stay: ? Hotel (40 euro, double)

Greece, Korinthia: Attractions: Acropolis of Korinthia. Canal of Korinthia.
Place to stay: ? Hotel (30 euro, double)

Greece, Mycenae: Attractions: Very old greek town (before greek 'civilasations').
Place to stay: Camping (0 euro, camping closed)

Greece, Agii Theodori: Attractions: Closest camping to Athens?
Place to stay: Camping Agos (15 euro, with wifi!)

Greece, Athens: Attractions: Old greek ruins, chaotic traffic.
Place to stay: Neos Olympus (30 euro, very tidy double, with breakfast and free wifi)

Greece, Chalkida: Attractions: Pretty little town on Evia.
Place to stay: Chalkida Hotel (38 euro)

Greece, Pireaus: Attractions: Ferry to Greek islands.
Place to stay: Pireaus Hotel (25 euro, cheap, but VERY shabby...)

Greece, Santorini: Attractions: Spectacular and very pretty Greek island, with beautiful little towns, spectacular views, an ancient, but active vulcaon and black beaches.
Place to stay: Camping (7,5 euro, camping closed)

Greece, Rhodos: Attractions: Pretty Greek island, with very interesting old crusader town, nice beaches, old greek ruins and plenty of offroading! :).
Place to stay: Sylvia Hotel (30 euro, double. Very nice little hotel, just outside the old town)
Place to stay: Agla Hotel (33 euro, double. Big tourist hotel, but good service)
Place to stay: Rhodos has many places where it is no problem to wild camp!

*** TURKEY ***
Turkey, Marmaris: Attractions: Fancy marina town with a gorgeous setting.
Place to stay: Aylin Hotel (30 euro, double)

Turkey, Oludeniz: Attractions: Famous beach town with very pretty beach.
Place to stay: Sun Beach Hotel (25 euro, double cabin)

Extra info and coordinates:
Turkey Ayvalik N39.17.884 E026.39.769 Camping Nature camping 10 YTL per night per car Safe but no facilities
Turkey Cappadocia N38.39.376 E034.52.141 Place of interest Cappadocia Beautiful landscape and view
Turkey Cappadocia N38.40.631 E034.51.276 Place of interest Cappadocia Fairy chimneys
Turkey Goreme N38.38.684 E034.50.095 Camping Camping Berlin 12 YTL per night per car Nice camping in the middle of Cappadocia
Turkey Goreme N38.38.378 E034.50.715 Place of interest Open aire museum Goreme open air museum
Turkey Istanbul N41.00.371 E028.58.865 Accomodation Orient Hostel 20 YTL pppn incl breakfast Peferct situated close to the Aya Sofia, car can be parked in front, good food and free internet
Turkey Yamurtalik N36.46.926 E035.48.735 Camping Old deserted campsite Free An old men is still living here and he allowed us to camp here for free. No facilities but great sea view.

*** SYRIA ***
Syria, Aleppo: Attractions: Big town on the main north-south route, big bazaar.
Place to stay: Springflower Hotel (11 euro, small double)

Syria, Hama: Attractions: Nice town with pretty watermills.
(N35.08.039, E036.46.005) (Water wheels: Behind the restaurant are the 4 norias (the four big wooden water wheels)) Place to stay: Riad Hotel (15 euro, big double and wifi)
(N35.07.845, E036.45.414) (800 SP per night per room, Clean hotel in the centre. Fast internet close and ATM for visa in front)

Syria, Krak de Chevaliers: Attractions: Amazing crusader castle.
(N34.45.800, E036.17.809) (150 SP per person, Very impressive cruisader castle)
Place to stay: Aram Hotel (16 euro, very comfortable double with amazing views)
Place to stay: Camping Restaurant Le Table Ronde
(N34.45.279, E036.17.693) (300 SP per night per car, Campsite next to the restaurant and to the castle)

Syria, Homs: Attractions: Big town on the main north-south route, big bazaar.
Place to stay: Nasr Hotel (10 euro, small and very grotty double)

Syria, Palmyra: Attractions: Very pretty ruins of Roman city in the dessert.
(N34.33.254, E038.15.941) (Greek ruins, 150 SP per person, Beautiful place with nicely restored ruins.
Place to stay: Sun Hotel (10 euro, double room in the basement)
Place to stay: Camping Al Baider
(N34.32.766, E038.16.483) (500 SP per night per car, Directly next to the Bel Temple. Campsite also has a swimming pool.)

Syria, Damascus: Attractions: Very pretty old town. Nice museum.
Place to stay: Balkis Hotel (16 euro, double room)

Syria, Basra: Attractions: Ruins of a Roman amphitheatre.
Place to stay: 1001 Nights Hotel (24 euro, double room with digital TV)

Extra info and coordinates:
Syria Aleppo N36.11.961 E037.09.773 Place of interest Citadel 150 SP per person Citadel of Aleppo
Syria Aleppo N36.12.719 E037.08.994 Banks ATM for Cirrus, Maestro and Visa
Syria Aleppo N36.08.380 E036.52.575 Camping Kadour 500 SP per night per car Campsite close to Aleppo, in a small village just off the road to Turkey
Syria Aleppo N36.07.783 E036.52.802 Junction Road to camping Kadour Take this turn and follow the small road or track to reach camping Kadour.
Syria Aleppo N36.12.323 E037.09.110 City Center This street is in the middle of the area where most of the cheap hotels are located. In front in a good restaurant.
Syria Damascus N33.32.800 E036.20.867 Camping New Kaboun 600 SP per night per car Campsite just outside Damascus on the way to Homs. Good facilities.
Syria Qalat Salahiddin N35.35.743 E036.03.503 Place of interest Castle No data Castle ruins on top of a hill

*** JORDAN ***
Jordan, Irbid: Attractions: Modern town next to the Roman ruins of Jerash, very pretty.
(N32.16.502, E035.53.391) (Roman Ruins of Jerash.)
Place to stay: AlAmeen Hotel (11 euro, double)

Jordan, Amman: Attractions: Capital, some Roman ruins.
Place to stay: Cliff Hotel (13 euro, small double, wifi)

Jordan, AlAzraq National Park: Attractions: Rare oryx.
Place to stay: Camping (0 euro, park and camping closed)

Jordan, Madaba: Attractions: Good town to base yourself in to explore the east coast of the Dead Sea.
Place to stay: Ayola Hotel (16 euro)

Jordan, Wadi Mujib: Attractions: Big and pretty river canyon, good for hiking
Place to stay: Camping Trajan Resthouse
(N31.26.076, E035.47.485) (2 JD per night per car, Basic camping but very nice view over the Wadi Mujib)

Jordan, Dana National Park: Attractions: Very pretty national park with great walks.
Place to stay: Dana Hotel (17 euro)
Place to stay: Camping (0 euro), on the plateau overlooking the park and the village of Dana is a watchtower, they let us camp for free there!

Jordan, Petra: Attractions: Very pretty Roman town hewn out from the rock walls in a canyon. Very interesting and great walks!
(N30.19.491, E035.28.005) (One of the best places of Jordan)
Place to stay: Orient Hotel (13 euro)

Jordan, Wadi Rum: Attractions: Pretty dessert where you can test you offroad skills. Wildcamping can be done when you ask permissiong from the nearest bedouin tent.
(N29.38.372, E035.26.035) (Visitors Center Wadi Rum, Entrance fees: 2 JD per person + 10 JD per car per day.)
Place to stay: Camping behind a small resthouse in the village inside the park, near the entrance (4 euro)
Place to stay: Camping (0 euro)
(N29.29.902, E035.28.365), (N29.28.391, E035.21.479), (N29.28.405, E035.28.983) Free Bush camps in the Wadi Rum

Jordan, Aqaba: Attractions: Port city on the Red Sea. Snorkeling and diving can be done. Some beach life. Ferry to Egypt.
Place to stay: Bedouin Moon Camp (11 euro)
Place to stay: Camping Bedouin Garden Village
(N29.25.537, E034.58.516) (3 JD pppn, Nice camping close the the beach. The camping has hot showers and pool. In front of the beach good snorkling possibilities.)

Extra info and coordinates:
Jordan Amman N31.57.171 E035.55.973 Hotel Farah Hotel 9 JD per night per room free wireless Very basic hotel in Amman, 9JD per night with shared showers
Jordan Amman N31.57.876 E035.51.258 Embassy Sudan Embassy of Sudan in Amman
Jordan Amman N31.58.878 E035.53.663 Shops Big supermarket in Amman
Jordan Aqaba N29.25.311 E034.58.430 Camping Main Beach 4 Free Free camping including toilet and showers close to the public beach
Jordan Aqaba N29.32.224 E034.59.916 Embassy Egypt Embassy of Egypt. Getting a visa here is quick and easy
Jordan Aqaba N29.27.729 E034..58.427 Transport Ferry to Egypt
Jordan Bethany N31.50.671 E035.34.779 Camping Free Next to entrance of Baptise site
Jordan Irbid N32.33.305 E035.51.127 Banks For Cirrus, Maestro and Visa
Jordan Irbid N32.33.932 E035.50.821 City Center Centrum Irbid
Jordan Little Petra N30.22.250 E035.27.502 Camping Helali Bedouin Camp 10 JD per night per car Nice bedouin campsite 9km from Petra. Price 10JD per night, but if you bargain it can be less. We paid 5JD.
Jordan Mount Nebo N31.45.990 E035.43.689 Place of interest Mount Nebo Place where Moses saw the promised land
Jordan Umm Qays N32.39.246 E035.41.039 Camping Free Bush camp inside the ruins next to police
Jordan Umm Qays N32.39.319 E035.40.913 Place of interest Roman Ruins Free because we camped inside Roman Ruins and on top of the hill you also have a great view over the Jordan Valley, the Golan Heights and the Sea of Galilee.
Jordan Wadi Rum N29.28.478 E035.29.011 Place of interest Burdah Bridge Number 5 on the map, Burdah Bridge.
Jordan Wadi Rum N29.28.302 E035.13.535 Various Back door Wadi Rum Backdoor out of the Wadi Rum. Runs through a dry river bed.
Jordan Wadi Rum N29.29.671 E035.09.891 Various Back door Wadi Rum After taken the back door this is where the road begins again.
Jordan Wadi Rum N29.31.598 E035.26.825 Place of interest Wadi Rum Wadi Rum sunset point

*** EGYPT ***
Egypt, Nueba: port of entry to Egypt from Jordan

Egypt, Dahab: Attractions: relaxed vacation spot with good food, diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, kitesurfing, etc.
Place to stay: Sinbad Camp (8 euro, small double)

Egypt, Cairo: Attractions: Pyramids, Egyptian museum, streetlife
Place to stay: Luna Hotel in a big street just north of Tahrir square (16 euro)

Egypt, drive from Cairo to Luxor via the White Dessert, attractions: beautiful scenery and remoteness (and a good road and almost no traffic)

Egypt, Luxor: Attractions: Luxor temple, Karnak temple, Valley of the Kings (across the river)
Place to stay: Hotel Venus (10 euro, double)

Egypt, Aswan: Attractions: feluca trip on the Nile, beautiful views of the Nile, some tombs of some kings in the vicinity. Ferry to Sudan
Place to stay: Horus hotel (10 euro, double) Had a rooftop terrace which was very nice to spend the afternoon.

Ferry to Sudan, view Abu Simbel from the boat at 6am.

Extra info and coordinates:
Egypt Aswan N24.04.963 E032.54.449 City Center City Center of Aswan Parking
Egypt Aswan N24..05.951 E032.53.977 Transport Nile River transportation Booking office for the ferry to Sudan Internet
Egypt Aswan N23.58.205 E032.52.890 Place of interest Aswan High Dam Restaurant
Egypt Aswan N23.58.465 E032.53.823 Transport Harbour for the ferry to Sudan Accomodation
Egypt Aswan N24.06.274 E032.54.092 Accomodation New Abu Simbel 55 EP per night per room no breakfast Basic hotel with airconditioning Camping
Egypt Aswan N24.10.135 E032.51.974 Camping Adam's Home 25 EP per night per car Basic camping with very friendly staff. Unfortunately not much shade. Shops
Egypt Aswan N24.05.005 E032.54.518 Officials Traffic police for returning your Egyptian plates Garages
Egypt Bahariya N28.18.034 E028.56.376 Camping Eden Garden Village 50 EP per night per car Nice campsite. You can organise trips to the Black and White dessert from here. Banks
Egypt Black Dessert N28.07.559 E028.44.324 Place of interest Entrance point Black Dessert Officials
Egypt Black Dessert N28.05.305 E028.43.433 Place of interest Exit point Black Dessert Place of interest
Egypt Cairo N30.03.402 E031.14.151 City Center Cairo City Centre Embassy
Egypt Cairo N29.58.170 E031.10.448 Camping Salma Camp No data Camp site in Cairo. We have not been here. Transport
Egypt Cairo N30.01.600 E031.13.435 Accomodation Garden City House Hotel 92 EP per night per room incl. breakfast hot water Basic hotel in the centre of Cairo, 3 blocks from the Sudanese Embassy Fuel
Egypt Cairo N29.58.872 E031.07.692 Place of interest Giza pyramids Junction
Egypt Dahab N28.29.528 E034.30.969 Accomodation Auski Camp 10 EP pppn Shared toilet and showers Very basic but good and cheap hotel. Safe parking in front of the door Medical
Egypt Dahab N28.26.162 E034.27.435 Camping 3 Pools Free Bush camp on the beach of a great snorkling spot. To get here you must pass 3 checkpoints. When you have a note from a diving spot, they will let you through Various
Egypt Dahab N28.29.665 E034.30.545 City Center Dahab city centre
Egypt Dakhla N25.29.270 E028.58.652 Camping Forsan Hotel 60 EP per room per night We were allowed to camp behind the hotel, where the have shade and grass.
Egypt Luxor N25.42.682 E032.38.911 Camping Rezeiky Camp 45 EP per night per car hot water, internet, swimming pool Great camping in the centre of Luxor with shade, grass and a swimming pool.
Egypt Luxor N25.41.436 E032.38.236 Shops Omar Market Biggest supermarket in Luxor
Egypt Luxor N25.41.391 E032.38.441 Shops A-one Market Supermarket in Luxor
Egypt Luxor N25.43.217 E032.36.668 Place of interest Colossi of Memnon
Egypt Luxor N25.44.104 E032.36.809 Place of interest Hatshepsut temple
Egypt Luxor N25.42.013 E032.38.387 Place of interest Luxor temple
Egypt Luxor N25.43.223 E032.39.281 Place of interest Karnak temple
Egypt Luxor N25.44.789 E032.36.300 Place of interest Valley of Kings
Egypt Luxor N27.41.423 E028.27.882 Place of interest Entrance White Dessert
Egypt Nuweiba N28.58.525 E034.39.843 Transport Ferry port Nuweiba
Egypt St. Katherina N28.33.685 E033.58.136 Camping Fox Dessert Camp 7 EP pppn hot water Nice bedouin hotel. We were allowed to camp within the hotel area

*** SUDAN ***
Sudan, Wadi Halfa. Attractions: arriving to Sudan (and waiting for your vehicle to arrive), remoteness.
Place to stay: Hotel Wadi (3,5 euro) This one was quite shabby, but it seems the least shabby of a few hotels next to each other.

Sudan, Dongola. Attractions: Remains of a temple, just southeast of the city on the banks of the Nile. Only a tiny roadsign points to the temple.
Place to stay: you can wildcamp almost anywhere in the desert of North-Sudan.

Sudan, Khartoum. Attractions: meeting of the Blue and White Nile. Ondurman market.
Place to stay: Blue Nile Sailing Club in the city centre, or the National Camping a bit outside the city.

Sudan, Gedaref. Attractions: Last city before reaching the border with Ethiopia from Khartoum
Place to stay: ? or wildcamp in the dessert before or after the city, although some people say this is less safe as in North-Sudan.

Extra info and coordinates:
Sudan Abri N20.49.011 E030.25.370 Camping Free In a field before Abri
Sudan Abu Dom N17.46.819 E031.19.391 Camping Free In the dessert betwen Abu Dom and Khartoum
Sudan Gallabat N12.57.513 E036.09.027 Officials Customs, get the Carnet stamped
Sudan Gallabat N12.57.453 E036.09.129 Border Border between Sudan and Ethiopia
Sudan Gallabat N12.57.487 E036.09.064 Officials Police for your exit stamp
Sudan Gallabat N12.57.558 E036.08.908 Officials Security. Register before leaving the country
Sudan Gedaref N13.58.228 E035.23.787 Camping Free In the field just after Gedaref
Sudan Gedaref N14.02.507 E035.23.321 Accomodation Hotel Amir No data Did not stay here, bad place
Sudan Karima N18.59.018 E031.08.476 Camping Free In the dessert between Dongola and Karima
Sudan Kerma N19.55.736 E030.25.576 Camping Free Under palm trees before Kerma
Sudan Khartoum N15.31.440 E032.34.220 Camping International Residence 10 SD per night per car Nice shady place with good showers, laundry and internet at nearby junction
Sudan Khartoum N15.36.662 E032.32.050 Camping Blue Nile Sailing Club No data Camping near the Nile. We did not liked it here and stayed in International Residence
Sudan Khartoum N15.34.904 E032.32.039 Embassy 20 US$ per person Embassy of Ethiopia. Visa issue within 24 hours
Sudan Khartoum N15.35.400 E032.34.927 Embassy 50 US$ per person Embassy of Kenia, Visa issue within one hour
Sudan Khartoum N15.35.105 E032.32.337 Shops Ice Bear Laundry Laundry close to the Ethiopian embassy
Sudan Khartoum N15.34.990 E032.30.697 Shops Genuine parts for Landrover. Mechanics around the corner
Sudan Khartoum N15.36.118 E032.21.946 Officials Here you can get a photo permit
Sudan Khartoum N15.33.574 E032.33.242 Shops Afra Big, but expensive supermarket. Within the market you can exchange money and there is wireless internet
Sudan Khartoum N15.36.474 E032.32.650 Officials Travel permits can be obtained here
Sudan Meroe N16.56.142 E033.45.260 Camping Free Bush camp close to the pyramids. We have not been here.
Sudan Merowe N18.29.134 E031.48.874 Transport 16 SD one way Ferry across the Nile
Sudan Wadi Halfa N21.44.669 E031.22.416 Accomodation Deffintoad hotel 7 SD pppn Very basic, but one of the best places in town
Sudan Wadi Halfa N21.46.163 E031.22.061 Camping Free In the dessert just outside Wadi Halfa
Sudan Wadi Halfa N21.46.512 E031.22.973 Junction Beginning of the track to Dongola

*** ETHIOPIA ***

Ethiopia, Metema. Attractions: border crossing with Sudan.
Place to stay: Embassy hotel (4 euro, small and grotty double), the first hotel on the left side after the Ethiopian customs coming from Sudan. or any of the other small shabby hotels.

Ethiopia, Gorgora. Attractions: Lake Tana.
Place to stay: Tim & Kim Village (camping, 10 euro), a community run campsite, run by a Dutch couple. Pretty lake setting with stunning views. Relaxed atmosphere. All solar-powered. Kayak trips on the lake. Very recommended!

Ethiopia, Gondar. Attractions: the castle of Gondar.
Place to stay: Belegez Pension (7 euro, small double), has a courtyard to park your vehicle.
(N12.36.634, E037.28.316) (water to fill tanks, hot shower, laundry. Camping on the court yard. Clean place, laundry, water and friendly staff.)

*** Southbound, straight to Addis ***:
Ethiopia, Bahir Dar. Attractions: Blue Nile falls are near, as well as some islands with monasteries.
Place to stay: Lakeview Hotel (7 euro, double).

Ethiopia, Debre Markos. Attractions: Halfway between Bahir Dar and Addis.
Place to stay: Tadele Getahune hotel (4 euro, double)

Ethiopia, Debre Libanos, Attractions: Just before Addis, in case you don't make it.
Place to stay: ??? (check kasboek)
*** End of Southbound ***

*** Northbound, via Aksum ***:
Ethiopia, Debark. Attractions: Gateway to the Simien mountains. Nothing more. Skip if possible.
Place to stay: Camping on the parking of the biggest hotel (2 euro)

Ethiopia, Aksum. Attractions: Obselisks, tombs, temple ruins, palace ruins, the Arc of the Convenant and overall relaxed atmosphere.
Place to stay: Kaleb Hotel (courtyard hotel)

Ethiopia, Yeha. Attractions: Palace of Yeha and gorgeous scenery dotted with monolithic rocks.
Place to stay: ???

Ethiopia, Adigrat. Attractions: ?
Place to stay: Hohoma Hotel

Ethiopia, Mekele. Attractions: Stop-over.
Place to stay: Dallas Hotel

Ethiopia, Senkata - Wukro loop. Attractions: Nice 75km dirt road loop with beautiful scenery and the famous rock-hewn churches of Tigray.
Place to stay: ??? (check kasboek)

Ethiopia, Lalibela. Attractions: Rock-hewn churches with many special ceremonies going on throughout the year, local market
Place to stay: Asheton Hotel (6 euro, small double)
Place to eat: Unique restaurant

Ethiopia, Kombelcha. Attractions: Stopover
Place to stay: Kombelcha hotel(camping, 4 euro)

Ethiopia, Debre Sina. Attractions: Stop-over.
Place to stay: Tinsae Hotel

Ethiopia, Woldia. Attractions: Stop-over.
Place to stay: Menuche Hotel

*** End of Northbound ***

Ethiopia, Addis Abeba. Attractions: convenience of a capital city
Place to stay: Wim's Holland House, conveniently in the middle of the city. He has rooms (10 euro, double) and a small camping (7 euro). Also with bar and restaurant. (has to move in the future so check address before!)

Ethiopia, Debre Zeit. Attractions: Nice crater lake
Place to stay: ???

Drive out of Addis Abeba via Alemgena (Sebeta), Butajira and Ziway route to avoid the crowded Debre Zeit - Mojo - Ziway road.

Ethiopia, Lake Langano. Attractions: Nice lake that you can actually swim in (no crocs, hippos or bilharzia)
Place to stay: Karkaro Beach Cottages and campsite

Ethiopia, Awassa. Attractions: Pretty lake with hippos, karibo storks and 'waterfront' with many locals relaxing
Place to stay: Circle of Life Hotel
Place to eat: Circle of Life Hotel

Ethiopia, Dila. Attractions: Stop-over from Addis to Moyale.
Place to stay: Habesha Hotel

Ethiopia, Arba Minch. Attractions: Nechisar National Park (4WD AND MOTOR!!!!)Possible to visit by motorbike, only 4 dollar entry, hippos from above to see in the lake, and further in the park Zebras with Mickey Mouse ears :) A really Rough road, but the first and last national park in Africa for such a cheap entrance and possible by motorbike! (later only a few parks in Uganda/Zimbabwe possible to enter by motorbike) Leave early in the morning at try to ride as far as you can on the rough road, we made it to 10 km in the park, and other motorbikes we met only 4 km!! (so we win, or will you win?!! :) If you don't make it, then rent a 4WD the next day for a 1 or even 2 day trip (you can also sleep in the park!!) We regretted it afterwords that we didnt do that :( ). And tours to the 'crocodile market' (lakeside area with hundreds of crocs and dozins of Hippos, so NO real market like you think by the name, but more like a little national park, also really worthwhile visiting!! We enjoyed it a lot!)
Place to stay: Rift Valley hotel

Ethiopia, Dorze. Attractions: Amazing view from the Dorze cliff down over the Nechisar National Park and the lakes, local village life.
Place to stay: Dorze lodge

Ethiopia, Konso. Attractions: Crossing to the tribal south-west of Ethiopia.
Place to stay: Green Hotel

Ethiopia, Turmi. Attractions: Local market with Hamer people, worth visiting.
Place to stay: Tourist Hotel (from here possible to leave Ethiopie to cross the border into Kenia to take the Lake Turkana route)

Ethiopia, Jinka. Attractions: Base to visit the (touristy) Mursi villages.
Place to stay: Hikma Pension

Ethiopia, Moyale. Attractions: Fontier village to access the Moyale route through North Kenia
Place to stay: Koket Hotel

Extra info and coordinates:
Ethiopia Addis Ababa N09.00.348 E038.46.125 Camping Wanza Hotel No data Very small court yard where camping is allowed. Owner is very friendly. Neigbourhood is more convenient than Baro hotel

Ethiopia Addis Ababa N09.01.843 E038.45.217 Camping Baro hotel 60 ETB per night per car Camping on the court yard. We stayed here but did not liked it. Unfriendly neighbourhood with prostitutes.

Ethiopia Addis Ababa N09.00.901 E038.45.241 Officials Customs Customs in Addis. Get Carnet exit stamp here if you plan the leave Ethiopia through the Omo valley

Ethiopia Addis Ababa N09.01.135 E038.45.899 Accomodation Hilton hotel No data Hilton hotel has an ATM for Visa
Ethiopia Addis Ababa N09.01.325 E038.45.081 Officials Immigration Immigration office in Addis Ababa
Ethiopia Addis Ababa N08.58.877 E038.45.800 Garages Landrover Modern Landrover Dealer
Ethiopia Addis Ababa N09.00.535 E038.45.866 Shops Laundry in Addis Ababa
Ethiopia Addis Ababa N09.00.989 E038.45.313 Various SDA-church
Ethiopia Arba Minch N06.00.321 E037.33.101 Camping Bekella Mola hotel 20 ETB pppn Camping with a great view. Good restaurant.
Ethiopia Awassa N07.04.627 E038.29.050 Camping Adenium 30 ETB pppn laundry, hot shower, restaurant, books Best place to camp in Ethiopia. Clean toilet and shower, veranda and kitchen. Dinner is possible, Jana is a great cook.
Ethiopia Bahar Dar N11.35.825 E037.23.146 Camping Ghion hotel 44 ETB per night per car Toilet, cold showers in room Camping in garden of the hotel close to the lake. Shower in one of the rooms. Internet available.
Ethiopia Bahar Dar N11.36.866 E037.24.984 Various Cheese makery Cheese makery with real Dutch cheese!
Ethiopia Bahar Dar N11.36.048 E037.24.098 Various SDA-church
Ethiopia Debark N13.09.167 E037.53.905 Camping Simien Park hotel 30 ETB per night per car cold showers, toilet Camping on the court yard. Place is basic, but one of the best options in town.
Ethiopia Debark N13.08.963 E037.53.692 Place of interest 140 ETB entry for 2 persons, car and scout Ticket office Simien Mountains NP
Ethiopia Debre Birhan N09.41.046 E039.32.468 Camping Helen Hotel 30 ETB per night per car Camping on the parking of the hotel. For shower and toilet you get the key of the public toilet. There are a lot of people going to the bar of the hotel.
Ethiopia Debre Zeit N08.45.634 E038.57.562 Shops Genesis Farm Farm where you can buy good vegetables, eggs and cheese.
Ethiopia Jinka N05.46.289 E036.34.995 Camping Rocky campsite 40 ETB per night per car Nice campsite. Facilities are OK.
Ethiopia Key Afar N05.31.198 E036.43.995 Camping Aman Hotel 30 ETB per night per car Place is actually not a hotel, but a bar. It has no facilities and the toilet is dirty hole next to the goats. Camping in front of the hotel is allowed
Ethiopia Lalibela N11.41.233 E038.55.333 Junction Junction road to Lalibela
Ethiopia Lalibela N12.02.110 E039.02.811 Camping Seven Olives hotel 50 ETB per night per car For toilet and shower (cold) you can use a room Camping on the parking of the hotel. Shower and toilet in a room. Good restaurant, but place is very noisy.
Ethiopia Omorate N04.48.155 E036.02.964 Camping Police station Free Camping is allowed at the police station. No facilities but it is for free.
Ethiopia Omorate N04.48.333 E036.03.037 Officials Immigration Immigration office in Omorate
Ethiopia Omorate N04.27.215 E036.14.021 Border Border stone on the border between Ethiopia and Kenya
Ethiopia Shehedi N12.34.526 E036.51.921 Camping Free Nice bush camp with a great view between Shehedi and Gonder
Ethiopia Shehedi N12.46.600 E036.24.457 Officials Customs There is no customs at the border in Metama, but you can get your Carnet stamped here.
Ethiopia Simien N13.09.964 E037.57.766 Place of interest Entrance Simien Mountains NP
Ethiopia Turmi N04.58.153 E036.29.761 Camping Evangadi Camp 40 ETB per night per car Camping and facilities are not special but OK. Camp site is close to a well where Hamer people come to get water.
Ethiopia Weldiya N11.50.026 E039.36.347 Camping Lal hotel Free toilet of hotel Free camping on the parking. Public toilet in the lounge. No shower.
Ethiopia Werota N11.55.329 E037.41.629 Camping Yadame Tesfa hotel 30 ETB per night per car You can use a room for toilet and shower (cold) Camping on the parking of the hotel. Shower and toilet in a room.
Ethiopia N04.38.815 E036.11.465 Various Public water pump

*** KENYA ***

Kenia, Turbi. Attractions: Get a rest from the Moyale route, still a long way to go so take your rest!
Place to stay: some very small guesthouses with not much more than a bed.

Kenia, Marsabit. Attractions: Get a rest from the Moyale route, you're over halfway! Marsabit National Park.
Place to stay: Jey Jey Hotel

Kenia, Isiolo. Attractions: Small market town with some facilities.
Place to stay: Jay Pur Hotel

Kenia, Embu. Attractions: Pleasant town and first big supermarket (Nakumatt).
Place to stay: Scouting hostel (very good!)
Place to eat: Scouting hostel

Kenia, Nairobi. Attractions: Convenience of a capital city: embassies, supermarkets, ATMs, etc.
Place to stay: Jungle Junction overlander camp
(S01.17.325, E036.45.635) (500 KES pppn, Hot shower, toilet, power, water tap, kitchen, place to work on your vehicle, restaurant, rooms available, power, dogs allowed. Overlanders paradise in Nairobi, best place in town)

Kenia, Naivasha. Attractions: Pretty lake with hippos and pelicans, Hells Gate National Park, crater lake, giraffes next to the road on the west side of the lake.
Place to stay: Carnelley's Camp
Place to stay: Fishermans Camp:
(S00.49.544, E036.20.109) (200 KES pppn, Toilet, hot shower, restaurant, bicycles to rent, shop. Nice spacious campsite on the shores of lake Naivasha that is visited by hippos in the evening. Showers are hot and there is a good restaurant.)
Place to stay: Fishermans Camp, Carnelley's Camp (pizzas are recommended)

Kenia, Nakuru. Attractions: Lake Nakuru National Park, Crater, etc.
Place to stay: Kembu camp, very nice and well organised
(S00.18.012, E035.54.044) (4 US$ pppn (can also be paid in KES), toilet, hot shower, shelters, restaurant, books, bar. 18 km outside Nukuru. Nice place with hot showers and a good restaurant. Can be very crowded with overland trucks.)

Kenia, Lake Bogoria. Attractions: Lake Bogoria National Park: very pretty lake with flamingos and hot springs.
Place to stay: Camps inside the park, south side is quiter, with more wilderness feel.

Kenia, Lake Baringo. Attractions: Lake Baringo, boat tours on the lake, pretty scenery in the backcountry.
Place to stay: Roberts camp, with hippos, crocs and many, many birds right on the campsite.

Kenia, Eldoret. Attractions: ?
Place to stay: Naiberi River Camp

Extra info and coordinates:
Kenya Gilgil S00.31.617 E036.19.856 Junction Junction at Gilgil. Here the tarmac to Nairobi starts
Kenya Hells Gate S00.51.148 E036.22.145 Place of interest Elsa Gate Elsa gate, main entrance of Hells Gate NP
Kenya Illeret N04.26.702 E036.13.854 Border Border between Ethiopia and Kenya
Kenya Illeret N04.18.722 E036.13.679 Officials Police station Police station in Illerat. They do not stamp your passport here
Kenya Kericho S00.57.456 E035.26.000 Junction Here the tarmac to Kericho starts
Kenya Kisumu S00.06.752 E034.44.803 Accomodation Nyanza club hotel 3500 KES per room per night for 2 persons incl. breakfast Restaurant, sports, TV Good hotel. Officially you have to be a member of the club, but we were allowed to stay without membership
Kenya Kisumu S00.05.792 E034.43.979 Camping Kisumu Beach Resort 300 KES pppn toilet, hot shower, restaurant, shelters, power The place is a pit, but the only option for camping in town. Sanitair is basic but showers are hot.
Kenya Kisumu S00.05.827 E034.45.037 Garages CMC Official Landrover dealer
Kenya Kisumu S00.06.457 E034.46.171 Shops Nakumat City ATM for Visa
Kenya Loyangalani N02.45.418 E036.43.238 Camping Maseratu Camp 250 KES pppn Campsite run by loca women. Great warm showers (spring water)
Kenya Maralal N01.56.904 E036.52.902 Camping Free Bush camp between Loyangalani and Maralal
Kenya Maralal N01.03.527 E036.42.649 Camping Yare campsite 200 KES pppn cold shower, basic toilet, grass, restaurant Spacious campsite. Camping on grass and the restaurant serves good food.
Kenya Masai Mara S01.30.694 E035.21.392 Camping Oldarpoi Camp 350 KES pppn and some money for the guard toilet, hot shower Private campsite just outside Sekenani gate (Masai Mara). Clean toilets and hot showers
Kenya Masai Mara S01.39.211 E035.13.082 Camping Sandy River Camp 15 US$ pppn no facilities Campsite within the Masai Mara. Beautiful spot next to a river, but no facilities and very expensive.
Kenya Masai Mara S01.12.187 E035.06.421 Camping Bush camp Free Bush camp just outside de Masai Mara NP, but still in the conservation area. Camping officially not allowed.
Kenya Masai Mara S01.22.490 E034.59.833 Place of interest Mara River Crossing One of the places where animals cross the river during the migration
Kenya Masai Mara S01.22.860 E035.00.611 Place of interest Mara River Crossing One of the places where animals cross the river during the migration
Kenya Masai Mara S01.27.678 E035.02.486 Place of interest Mara River Crossing One of the places where animals cross the river during the migration (accesible from the west side of the park)
Kenya Masai Mara S01.10.786 E035.09.850 Place of interest Musiara gate Exit Masai Mara at Musiara gate
Kenya Masai Mara S01.30.384 E035.21.194 Junction Junction to Oldarpoi Camp just before the Sekenani gate
Kenya Mombasa S04.03.719 E039.40.761 Place of interest Fort Jezus No data Old Fort in the Old Town of Mombasa
Kenya Nairobi S01.18.200 E036.49.616 Shops High Ratio 4x4 Parts Shop with heavy duty 4x4 parts
Kenya Nairobi S01.21.178 E036.42.758 Place of interest Karen Blixen Mueseum No data Have not been here
Kenya Nairobi S01.17.963 E036.47.214 Shops Extreme Carwash They do a very good job
Kenya Nairobi S01.17.456 E036.49.444 Officials Customs Here you can stamp your carnet. Times Tower on the 10th floor
Kenya Nairobi S01.17.247 E036.49.086 Officials Immigration Immigration office in Nairobi
Kenya Nairobi S01.17.693 E036.47.963 Shops AAI Insurance Company 3rd floor. Here you can get a third party insurance for Kenya and your Comesa (Yellow Card),
Kenya Nairobi S01.17.555 E036.47.176 Internet Fast internet with Skype options
Kenya Nairobi S01.18.179 E036.49.815 Garages Landrover Official Landrover dealer
Kenya Nairobi S01.20.366 E036.43.566 Garages Schumacher Very good private Landrover workshop.
Kenya Nairobi S01.18.452 E036.45.673 Garages Landmarque Private Landrover workshop. Is a bit less expensive than Schumacher
Kenya Nairobi S01.17.522 E036.47.151 Shops Mul-T-Lock Here you can buy padlocks to secure around your clutch
Kenya Nairobi S01.17.551 E036.47.263 Shops Yaya shopping Centre Grote shopping mall. Inside is a good hairdresser
Kenya Nakuru S00.17.128 E036.04.239 Internet Fedex Good internet connection here
Kenya Nakuru S00.14.757 E035.56.535 Junction Junction to Kembu Camp
Kenya Nakuru S00.16.770 E036.01.718 Junction Junction Nakuru - Njoro
Kenya Nakuru S00.19.944 E035.56.642 Junction Junction Nakuru - Njoro
Kenya Nakuru S00.29.503 E036.04.860 Place of interest Nakuru NP Main gate Nakuru NP
Kenya Nakuru S00.17.322 E036.03.457 Shops Bawani auto parts Everything you need for your car.
Kenya Narok S01.05.480 E035.52.261 City Center Small town, ATM for visa available
Kenya Ngorengore town S01.02.701 E035.29.692 City Center
Kenya North Horr N03.18.541 E037.03.186 City Center
Kenya Nyahururu N00.02.740 E036.22.057 Camping Thompson Fall Lodge 500 KES pppn Hot shower, toilet, good restaurant, nice view Very nice place. The lodge has a piece of grass where you can camp. Entrance to the falls is for free
Kenya Sibiloi NP N03.56.876 E036.11.182 Camping Koobi Fora 200 KES pppn cold showers with water from Lake Turkana Basic lodge in Siboloi NP,with on the shore of Lake Turkana
Kenya Sibiloi NP N03.39.413 E036.18.920 Place of interest Sibiloi NP Main gate
Kenya Tiwi Beach S04.14.423 E039.36.083 Camping Twiga Lodge 200 KES pppn Toilet, cold shower, restaurant Great place where you can camp right on the beach. Toilet and showers are basic and there is no hot water. Fruit, vegetables and fish are sold on the beach.
Kenya Voi S03.22.248 E038.35.644 Camping Red Elephant Lodge 500 KES pppn toilet and hot shower in a room, bar, restaurant Camping next to the lodge, just outside Tsavo NP. For toilet and shower we were given a room.

*** UGANDA ***

Uganda, Mbale. Attractions: Small market town from where you can reach Sipi Falls.
Place to stay: Apule Safari Lodge

Uganda, Sipi Falls. Attractions: Beautiful waterfall, pretty surroundings to do some walks. Walks up Mt. Elgon.
Place to stay: Crows Nest

Uganda, Jinja. Attractions: Camping right next to the Nile river, pretty surroundings.
Place to stay: Nile River Camp

Uganda, Mabira Forest Reserve. Attractions: Pretty, cool and lush forest with nice walks.
Place to stay: Reggae place, forgot the name...

Uganda, Kampala. Attractions: Convenience of big/capital city.
Place to stay: Red Chilli Hideaway Backpackers and campsite
Place to eat: Red Chilli Hideaway Backpackers and campsite
(N00.19.234, E032.37.849) (6000 USH pppn, Free internet, hot shower, grass, restaurant, dorms. Just outside the center. Nice place but can be very busy with overland trucks.)

Uganda, Masindi. Attractions: Stopover between Kampala and Murchison Falls NP.
Place to stay: Alinda Guesthouse

Uganda, Murchison Falls National Park. Attractions: National Park accessible with motorbikes.
Place to stay: Red Chilli Hideaway Backpackers and campsite
Place to eat: Red Chilli Hideaway Backpackers and campsite

Uganda, Ssese Islands. Attractions: Tropical white beaches, many big hornbill birds.
Place to stay: Hornbill camp
Place to eat: Hornbill camp

Uganda, Masaka. Attractions: Stopover.
Place to stay: Holiday Inn Guesthouse

Uganda, Fort Portal. Attractions: Pretty surroundings.
Place to stay: Royal Guesthouse

Uganda, Lake Nkuruba. Attractions: Very nice crater lake with many different monkeys around. Like a mini National Park. Great!
Place to stay: Community Campsite

Uganda, Queen Elizabeth National Park. Attractions: Pretty national park. You can drive around the park for free on all the public roads. (and there are a lot of public roads!)
Place to stay: Simba Camp

Uganda, Ishasha. Attractions: Pretty spot on the river in the south of Queen Liz NP. Very close to the Ishasha gate, famous for the tree-climbing lions.
Place to stay: @ the river

Uganda, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Attractions: National Park famous for the gorilla trekkings.
Uganda, Buhoma. Attractions: Starting point for the gorilla trekkings.
Place to stay: many places, all a bit expensive.

Uganda, Ruhija. Attractions: Nice little village in the gorilla forest. If you are very lucky you can see the gorillas.
Place to stay: Community camp

Uganda, Kabale. Attractions: Jump off point for Lake Bunyoni.
Place to stay: Kabale backpackers

Uganda, Lake Bunyonyi. Attractions: Very pretty lake, good for kayaking and relaxing.
Place to stay: Kalebas Camp, we preffered this one, becaus it was very intimate, but with a car you better go here:
Place to stay: Camping Bunyonyi Overland Camp:
(S01.16.334, E029.56.230) (6000 USH pppn, Toilet, hot shower, laundry, internet (not free). Nice place on right next to the lake. Showers and toilets are the best. The restaurant however is not that great.)

Extra info and coordinates:
Uganda Bukakata S00.16.437 E032.01.580 Transport Free Free ferry to Ssese Island leaving at 8:00, 10:00, 13:30 and 16:30
Uganda Fort Portal N00.39.183 E030.16.481 City Center
Uganda Jinja N00.25.328 E033.12.345 Banks Standard bank ATM for Visa
Uganda Jinja N00.29.067 E033.09.734 Camping Eden Rock Camp 5500 USH pppn Grass, toilet, showers almost cold, very good and cheap restaurant Nice quiet campsite
Uganda Jinja N00.29.093 E033.09.795 Place of interest Nile Explorers Here you can book rafting
Uganda Kabale S01.15.565 E029.59.575 Junction Junction Kabele to Rwanda, good tarmac
Uganda Kalangala S00.18.677 E032.17.456 Camping Pearl Gardens 10.000 USH per night per car Internet, restaurant, cold showers Nice place, better than the neighbours. You can camp on the beach and the ferry to Entebbe leave just in front of you.
Uganda Kampala N00.19.845 E032.36.840 Garages Landrover dealer
Uganda Kampala N00.19.168 E032.35.458 Shops Garden City Mall Big mall, Visa ATM
Uganda Kampala N00.17.954 E032.35.764 Shops Quality Hill Mall Exclusive mall, good butchery and bakery
Uganda Kampala N00.19.542 E032.36.420 Shops Logogo mall Also hairdresser inside
Uganda Kampala N00.18.791 E032.34.868 Officials Post Office
Uganda Kampala N00.19.232 E032.35.899 Garages Toyota Official Toyota dealer
Uganda Katuna S01.25.551 E030.00.781 Border Border Uganda - Rwanda
Uganda Kibale N00.29.391 E030.20.005 Camping Chimpansee Forest Guest House 6000 USH pppn Hot showers, shelter Very quiet place with nice few. Camping can arrange nice walks. The spots to park you car are nog very flat.
Uganda Queen Elisabeth S00.13.802 E030.05.371 Camping King Fisher Lodge 15000 USH pppn Toilet, cold shower, restaurant Expensive lodge built for camping. You can camp here, but you have hardly any facilities and you have to pay a lot of money. View over Queen Elisabeth NP however is priceless.
Uganda Ssese Island S00.14.884 E032.04.023 Transport Free Free ferry from the island to Bukakata leaving at 9:00, 12:00, 14:30 and 18:00

*** RWANDA ***

Rwanda, Kigali. Attractions: Capital city, genocide memorial.
Place to stay: One love hotel, pretty, but quite expensive. Kigali guesthouse is a lot cheaper and just as good.

Rwanda, Musanze. Attractions: Jump off point to the Parc National des Volcans.
Place to stay: Urumuli hotel. (basic but OK) Kinigi guesthouse, nice camping.

Rwanda, Gisenyi. Attractions: Nice city on the shores of Lake Kivu and very close to Goma in The Congo. Northernmost point of the Congo-Nile trail.
Place to stay: La Bella camping. Camping has a small beach.

Rwanda, Kibuye. Attractions: Very pretty place on Lake Kivu and stopover on the Congo-Nile trail.
Place to stay: Home St. Jean. Impressive view over the lake.

Rwanda, Kamembe. Attractions: City on the shores of Lake Kivu. Southernmost point of the Congo-Nile trail
Place to stay: Motel Rubavo.

Rwanda, Nyungwe Forest. Attractions: Nice forest area. One of the sources of the river Nile. Many walking trails. Great windy road going through the forest.
Place to stay: Igisaza motel

Rwanda, Butare/Huye. Attractions: Stopover between Nyungwe Forest and Kigali.
Place to stay: Igisaza motel

Extra info and coordinates:
Rwanda Butare S02.36.129 E029.44.502 Camping Ibis Hotel Free Toilet, restaurant Free camping on parking. No shower, only toilet of restaurant
Rwanda Butare S02.27.350 E029.34.072 Place of interest Murambi memorial Free Old school close to Butare
Rwanda Butare S02.36.041 E029.44.591 Place of interest National museum
Rwanda Gisenyi S01.41.949 E029.19.068 Junction Start piste Gisenyi - Kibuye
Rwanda Kibuye S02.04.256 E029.21.168 Shops Good bakery
Rwanda Kibuye S02.03.575 E029.20.234 Accomodation Bethanie Guest House Cheapest room is 8000 RF per night No camping, cheap rooms
Rwanda Kibuye S02.03.564 E029.19.931 Camping Noriah Hill Resort 3000 RF p.p. Toilet, cold shower, restaurant We camped on the parking, but the resort is building a nice campsite!
Rwanda Kibuye S02.03.101 E029.24.814 Junction End of piste Gisenyi - Kibuye
Rwanda Kigali S01.56.896 E030.03.590 Banks Bank of Kigali No ATM with Visa you can get money inside.
Rwanda Kigali S01.56.471 E030.03.661 Camping Okapi Hotel 5000 RF per car per night Toilet, cold shower, wireless internet, restaurant Camping on the parking, use of shower and toilet from staff
Rwanda Kigali S01.56.585 E030.03.520 Shops Shop for computers
Rwanda Kigali S01.56.951 E030.06.201 Embassy Tanzania Embassy of Tanzania, open from 9 am till 3 pm. Visa issued within 24 hours
Rwanda Kigali S01.55.854 E030.03.626 Place of interest Genocide memorial Free Memorial in Kigali
Rwanda Kigali S01.56.791 E030.03.652 Place of interest ORTPN Headquarters in Kigali
Rwanda Kinigi S01.25.957 E029.35.908 Camping Kinigi Guest House 3000 RF p.p. Toilet, hot shower, restaurant Close to the headquarters of the gorilla tracking. For showers and toilet you can use a room. Restaurant has very good meals.
Rwanda Kinigi S01.25.943 E029.35.669 Place of interest ORTPN Headquarters, Tracking starts here
Rwanda Ruhengeru S01.29.908 E029.37.605 Fuel Sopeya
Rwanda Rusumo S02.22.941 E030.46.994 Border Border Rwanda - Tanzania
Rwanda To Tanzanian border S02.08.229 E030.33.449 Fuel Kobil On of the last stations before the border of Tanzania

*** TANZANIA ***

Tanzani, Biharamulo. Attractions: Stopover from Rwanda to Mwanza.
Place to stay: Dona's Lodge

Tanzani, Mwanza. Attractions: Mwanza is a big city with all facilities. Pretty landscape with big boulders around the city.
Place to stay: Lake Hotel
Place to stay: Camping Mwanza Yacht Club
(S02.31.733, E032.53.685) (5000 TSH pppn. Toilet, cold shower. Best option for camping in Mwanza. Place can be noisy during weekends. The hotel next door has a very good restaurant.)

Tanzani, Sinigida. Attractions: Stopover from Mwanza to Arusha.
Place to stay: Giraf Lodge (great value!)

Tanzani, Arusha. Attractions: Jumping point for safaris to the Northern Parks (Serengeti, etc.).
Place to stay: Hanan Guesthouse

Tanzani, Moshi. Attractions: Jumping point for climbing the Kilimanjaro.
Place to stay: Moshi travar (?) resort (great value!)
Place to stay: Honey Badger campsite
(S03.21.090, E037.23.020) (No much place for cars, but should be a nice campsite.)

Tanzani, Lusotho. Attractions: Main town in the green and lush Usambara Mountains. Great for walks.
Place to stay: Turmaini Hotel

Tanzani, Tanga. Attractions: Main town on the northern coast. Jump off point to the northern beaches around Pangani.
Place to stay: Ocean Breeze Hotel

Tanzani, Kigombe. Attractions: Great, beautiful spot on the beach for relaxing.
Place to stay: Peponi Beach Resort and Camp, swimming pool and snorkeling trips on a dhow (15 USD). They can also arrange a motorized dhow to Zanzibar. (120 USD for the whole dhow, up to 6 people)
(S05.17.210, E039.03.985)(4 US$ pppn, can also be paid in TSH. Toilet, hot showers between 6 and 8 PM, power 1US $ per night, restaurant, laundry. Nice place close to the beach. Every camping spot has a shelter with power if you want. Toilet and shower are clean.)

Tanzani, south of Pangani. Attractions: Beach
Place to stay: Beach Crab Resort, beach and activities, like snorkeling, diving and surfing.

Tanzani, Dar-es-Salaam. Attractions: Capital city, jump off point to Zanzibar.
Place to stay: YWCA, in the center of the city.

Tanzani, Dar-es-Salaam, Kigamboni (South beach). Attractions: Beatiful beaches, just outside the city center!
Place to stay: Mikudi Beach Camp or Kipepeo Beach Camp.
Place to stay: Camping Sunrise Beach Resort:
(S06.50.969, E039.21.513) (4000 TSH pppn, Toilet, hot shower, restaurant, activities, safe car park if you go to Zanzibar. Very nice and clean place. You can camp right on the beach. Restaurant serves good Indian dishes. When you go to Zanzibar you can leave you car here for 2$ per night.)

Tanzani, Morogoro. Attractions: None, just a stop-over on the way from Dar to the south.
Place to stay: Morogoro Hotel is OK and has a parking.

Tanzani, Mikumi. Attractions: None for the town itself (except maybe the snakefarm), but before the town of Mikumi the main road crosses the Mikumi National Park, so there is a big chance you can see elephants, giraffes, buffalos and even lions just from the main road.
Place to stay: Tan-Swiss Camp. And 60 kilomter down the road from Mikumi is Crocodile Camp, which makes a nice alternative choice.
Place to stay: Genesis Hotel:
(S07.23.823, E036.59.873) (6000 TSH pppn, Toilet, hot shower, restaurant. Basic place. Next door they have a snake farm you can visit. Camping is on the parking.)

Tanzani, Iringa. Attractions: Pretty town on a hilltop settings, which gives it a Swiss Alp village feel. Has quite a lot of facilities. 10km after Iringa are rockdrawings in a valley full of erosion pillars, which seems to be an interesting visit.
Place to stay: Rivervalley Camp 10km before town is highly recommended. Beautiful surroundings (visit the waterfall!) and very nice campgrounds. Good food, although it is a bit more expensive than usual (10$ for dinner).

Tanzani, Kisolanza.
Place to stay: The Old Farmhouse camp, 60km after town is highly recommended. Nice campgrounds on a working cattle and tabacco farm. Nice surroundings with lakes and a visit to the farm at walking disctance. Great food, although it is a bit more expensive than usual (13-16$ for dinner).
(S08.08.743, E035.24.787) (4500 TSH pppn, Toilet, hot shower, restaurant. One of the nicest campsites in Tanzania. The place is very relaxed. Do not miss the restaurant. The place is great and the food superb. Reservations for the restaurant must be made in advance.

Tanzani, Sao Hill, Mufindi.
Place to stay: Fox Farm, 60km inland from the main road (15km inland from Mufindi, signposted) is recommended. Normally no camping, but sometimes they make an exception, so call ahead. (bandas are 120$) Farm with cattle, horses, sheep, ducks amids a beautifull surroundings. (hills, forests and lakes) Food is OK, but not really worth the price (20$ for dinner).

Tanzani, Mbeya. Attractions: Nice town with a hilltop setting with facilities
Place to stay: Camping Karibuni Mission
(S08.54.556, E033.26.635) (3000 TSH pppn, Toilet, cold shower, restaurant. Camping is on the parking. The restaurant serves good and cheap food.)

Zanzibar, Stone Town. Attractions: Food markt at night at the Forodjani Gardens. Swahili architecture.
Place to stay: Garden Lodge. Hotel Zenji.
Place to stay: Narrow Street Hotel:
(25$ per room per night incl. breakfast. Toilet, hot shower, fan, tv, restaurant, musquito nets. Basic but OK. Sheets are clean, showers hot and breakfast is OK. Hotel can arrange day trips and buses to other places on the island. Do not be confused with Annex Narrow street hotel. That is a different hotel and not good. Hotel is close to the ferry.)

Zanzibar, Kwenda. Attractions: Full moon party on Saturday night closed to full moon.
Place to stay: White Sands is OK and the cheapest.

Zanzibar, Nungwi. Attractions: Beach resort village.
Place to stay: Paradise Beach Bungalows.
(43000 TSH per room per night incl. breakfast. Toilet, hot shower, fan, restaurant, musquito nets. Basic but OK. One of the only hotels that has a piece of beach that does not flood when high tide. Restaurant serves good food.)

Extra info and coordinates:
Tanzania Arusha S03.22.693 E036.44.071 Camping Masai Camp 6500 TSH pppn Toilet, hot shower, power (not free) restaurant, tap for water, internet, booking office for safaris and kilimanjaro climbs Nice campsite but very noisy. Especially on Friday and Saterday evening loud music goes on untill early in the morning. Restaurant serves good cheap meals.
Tanzania Arusha S03.22.693 E036.42.046 Banks Barclays ATM for Visa, Maestro and Cirrus
Tanzania Arusha S03.22.475 E036.40.898 Garages CMC Official Landrover dealer
Tanzania Arusha S03.22.525 E036.40.748 Shops Shoprite Supermarket
Tanzania Biharamulo S02.38.663 E031.19.171 Fuel
Tanzania Biharamulo S02.54.569 E031.12.014 Junction Junction to Biharamulo
Tanzania Dar Es Salaam S06.48.920 E039.17.465 Restaurant Fast Food and Internet Very good fast food restaurant. Especially the Asian food is cheap and good. Restaurant also has an internet cafe
Tanzania Dar Es Salaam S06.49.173 E039.17.840 Transport North gate of the ferry to the southern beaches of Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Dar Es Salaam S06.49.305 E039.18.108 Transport South gate of the ferry from the southern beaches of Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Dar Es Salaam S06.48.753 E039.17.147 Garages Landrover garage
Tanzania Dar Es Salaam S06.46.061 E039.15.681 Shops Markham Mall Good hair dresser inside this mall and a shoprite
Tanzania Dar Es Salaam S06.49.685 E039.16.499 Shops Shoprite Supermarket
Tanzania Dar Es Salaam S06.49.190 E039.17.295 Transport Boat tickets to Zanzibar
Tanzania Kahama S03.50.341 E032.35.657 Camping Mocray motel 2000 TSH per car per night Toilet, cold shower Between cars on the parking. Nothing special, but it is safe and the owner is very friendly
Tanzania Malawi S09.35.260 E033.46.595 Border Border Tanzania - Malawi
Tanzania Mbeya S08.53.645 E033.26.453 Internet
Tanzania Mbeya S08.54.044 E033.32.520 Junction Junction to Malawi
Tanzania Mwanza S02.31.244 E032.54.560 Shops Sun City Bakery Good bakery
Tanzania Mwanza S02.31.054 E032.53.896 Banks Visa ATM
Tanzania Mwanza S02.31.366 E032.54.140 Shops Makufuli Hardware store that sells anything you possibly need
Tanzania Mwanza S02.31.233 E032.53.947 Garages Landrover garage
Tanzania Mwanza S02.30.916 E032.54.107 Shops U-turn Supermarket
Tanzania Ngorongoro S03.13.708 E035.29.435 Camping Simba A public campsite 30 US$ pppn Toilet, cold shower Place is crowded and dirty. As it is the only campsite on the rim it is full with tourist. With so many people hot water is finished before you had a shower. Due to the altitude it can be very cold and windy. Look out for the wild elephant and zebra that visit the campsite.
Tanzania Ngorongoro S03.17.941 E035.35.540 Place of interest Lodoare gate East gate to Arusha
Tanzania Serengeti S02.25.248 E034.50.998 Camping Dik Dik Campsite 30 US$ pppn Toilet, no water no facilities except for a toilet. Place can be crowded with safari tourists. View is great!
Tanzania Serengeti S02.11.573 E033.52.405 Place of interest Ndabaka gate West gate from Mwanza
Tanzania Serengeti S02.26.756 E034.49.097 Place of interest Visitors Centre Serengeti visitors Centre and immigration when transit to/from Masai Mara
Tanzania Serengeti S02.49.932 E034.59.853 Place of interest Naabi Hill gate Gate between Serengeti and Ngorongoro
Tanzania Serengeti West gate S02.12.145 E033.51.863 Camping Serengeti Stop Over No data no data Good place to stop before entering the Serengeti for the west.

*** MALAWI ***

Malawi, Karonga. Attractions: First town after the border with Tanzania.
Place to stay: Floja Foundation (8 euro camping), Nice intimate Bed & Breakfast and campsite, with lovely Dutch owners. With a hot pool! :)

Malawi, Chitimba. Attractions: Nice view over the lake.
Place to stay: Chitimba Beach Camp (6 euro camping)
(S10.35.117, E034.10.518) (560 MKW pppn. Hot showers, restaurant. Nice place with friendly Dutch owners.)

Malawi, Livingstonia. Attractions: Spectacular views over the lake from the cliff.
Place to stay: Mushroom Farm (camping right on the cliff!) (8 euro camping)
Place to stay: Lukwe Eco Lodge and Gardens (good food!) (8 euro camping)
(S10.35.128, E034.07.663) (725 MKW pppn. Hot showers, restaurant. Eco friendly lodge. Owned by a nice Belgian guy. Very pretty gardens!)

Malawi, Nyika National Park. Attractions: Landscape apparently resembles the Scottisch highlands. Some game: eland, zebra, etc.
(S10.50.096, E033.35.441) (Thazima Gate, Main gate of Nyika NP)
Place to stay: Chelinda Camp (8 USD camping)
(S10.35.097, E033.47.956) (US$ 8 ppp, Hot showers, free campfire. Quiet place with a stunning view. It can get very cold at night. The staff will make you a great fire before they leave.)

Malawi, Rumphi. Attractions: Jumping point to Nyika NP and Vwaza GR.
Place to stay: Chef's Pride. Small, but very clean and nice rooms for a fair price. (6 euro for a double)
Place to eat: Chef's Pride, has a very good restaurant with local food and good service.

Malawi, Mzuzu. Attractions: Main town in North Malawi with ATMs, shops, immigration office, fuel, etc.
Place to stay: CCAP Guesthouse (church run). Clean and spacious rooms. (9 euro for a double)
Place to stay: Mzoozoozoo backpackers and camping:
(S11.27.425, E034.01.676) (500 MKW pppn. Hot showers, restaurant. Friendly place close to the center.)
Place to eat: CCAP Guesthouse serves cheap local food.

Malawi, Nkata Bay. Attractions: Swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, boattrips, socialising, etc.
Place to stay: Big Blue Star is the best place for vehicles. Mayoka Village is the most lifely and prettiest place. Butterfly next door is also nice and a bit cheaper and close to the bar of Mayoka. All places have excellent swimming and snorkeling.
Place to eat: We found the bar/restaurant of Mayoka Village very pleasant, but there are many other nice places in town.

Malawi, Makuzi Beach - Abinga Bay. Attractions: Paradise: very beautiful beach in a nice pretty bay.
Place to stay: Mazuki Beach Lodge and Camp. Camping is 5 USD pppn.
Place to stay: Mazuki Beach Lodge also has a good restaurant.

Malawi, Kande Beach. Attractions: Big beach.
Place to stay: Kande Beach Resort and Camp
(S11.57.096, E034.07.289) (600 MKW pppn. Hot showers, restaurant, internet, watersports, library. Good place on the lake, but busy with overlanders. Better go to Makuzi...)

All the info AFTER this point are tips we got from other people, we didn't visit those place yet. (Everything ABOVE this point HAS been visited by us!)

Malawi, Senga Bay. Attractions: .
Place to stay: Steps Campsite:
(S13.42.936, E034.37.726) (1000 MKW pppn, hot showers, electricity. Clean place but lonely and very expensive and you get eaten by ants.)
Place to stay: Cool Runnings
(S13.43.850, E034.37.154) (400 MKW pppn. Hot showers, restaurant, library. This place is much better than Steps CS and less than half of the price. Camping on real green grass.)
Place to eat: Cool Runnings

Malawi, Lilongwe. Attractions: .
Place to stay: Mabuya Camp (backpackers)
(S13.59.966, E033.45.575) (420 MKW pppn. Hot showers, restaurant, internet. Close to the center and you will meet a lot of travellers.)
Place to eat:

Malawi, Cape Maclear/Monkey Bay. Attractions: Snorkeling near islands, lot of cyclid fish.
Place to stay: Camping Fat Monkey
(S14.01.435, E034.50.469) (400 MKW pppn. Hot showers, restaurant. At the southern tip of Lake Malawi. You can camp very close to the beach. Tough road to get here. (lot of corrugation))

Malawi, Liwonde National Park. Attractions: .
Place to stay:

Malawi, Blantyre. Attractions: .
Place to stay: Camping Doogles
(S15.47.015, E035.00.909) (435 MKW pppn. Hot showers, restaurant, swimming pool, internet. NO DOGS allowed! Nice place and good facilities, however camping grounds are not that great.)
Place to eat:

Malawi, Mt. Mulanje. Attractions: .
Place to stay:

Extra info and coordinates:
Malawi Blantyre S15.47.201 E035.00.636 Shops Famous Bakery Bakery
Malawi Blantyre S15.47.108 E035.00.325 Banks Standard bank Visa ATM
Malawi Blantyre S15.47.033 E035.00.279 Restaurant Hong Kong Very good Chinese restaurant
Malawi Blantyre S15.47.197 E035.00.247 Restaurant Kips Good Fastfood place. Serves good icecream as well.
Malawi Blantyre S15.47.871 E035.01.130 Garages City Motors Landrover / BMW dealer and workshop
Malawi Blantyre S15.47.287 E035.00.301 Shops Peoples Supermarket
Malawi Karonga S09.56.102 E033.56.545 Banks National Bank of Malawi Visa ATM
Malawi Lilongwe S13.58.425 E033.45.416 Junction Junction road from Lilongwe to border with Zambia
Malawi Livingstonia S10.36.546 E034.06.746 City Center
Malawi Manchji S13.44.863 E032.47.678 Border Border between Malawi and Zambia
Malawi Mzuzu S11.27.696 E034.01.148 Shops Sunbake bakery Bakery
Malawi Mzuzu S11.27.765 E034.01.436 Banks National Bank of Malawi Visa ATM
Malawi Mzuzu S11.27.627 E034.00.950 Internet Post Office
Malawi Mzuzu S11.27.730 E034.01.292 Shops Peoples Supermarket
Malawi Rumphi S11.01.380 E033.51.393 Shops Peoples Supermarket


Extra info and coordinates:
Mozambique Marracuene S25.35.019 E032.39.315 Camping Casa Lisa 70 Rand pppn hot water, restaurant Place is OK but nothing special Mozambique Tofo S23.50.496 E035.32.222 Camping Bamboozi Beach 50 Rand pppn hot water, restaurant, dive school, whale shark bookings Busy place where you will probably meet many interesting travellers Mozambique Massingir S23.52.079 E032.08.706 Camping Limpopo NP Free of charge toilet, hot water New campsite close to the gate. As the campsite was still not finished yet camping was free. Toilet and hot shower were already available. Mozambique Massingir S23.52.480 E032.08.674 Place of interest Massingir Dam Mozambique Macia S25.01.507 E033.06.095 Junction Junction from Macia to Chokwe Mozambique Chokwe S24.25.531 E032.50.714 Junction Junction from Chokwe to Massingir Mozambique Limpopo NP S25.51.756 E032.08.736 Place of interest Limpopo NP Gate Mozambique Limpopo NP S25.51.948 E032.08.694 Place of interest Limpopo NP Reception Mozambique Giriyonda S23.35.004 E031.39.643 Border Border between Mozambique (Limpopo NP) and South Africa (Kruger NP)

*** ZAMBIA ***

Zambia, Chipata. Attractions: .
Place to stay: Deans Hill Campsite

Zambia, North and South Luangwe National Park. Attractions: .
Place to stay:

Zambia, Lusaka. Attractions: .
Place to stay: Pioneer Campsite. Lusaka Backpackers.

Zambia, Livingstone. Attractions: .
Place to stay: Maramba Campsite. Jollyboys Backpackers.

Zambia, Victoria Falls. Attractions: .
Place to stay:

Extra info and coordinates:
Zambia Chipata S13.34.944 E032.36.593 Camping Mamarulas US$ 6 pppn Restaurant, internet, hot water Big campsite run by South African. They can organise your visa waiver just send them an email:
Zambia Chipata S13.38.396 E032.38.822 Internet Sunday
Zambia Chipata S13.38.844 E032.38.862 Shops Shoprite supermarket
Zambia Halfway Lusaka-Chipata S15.00.361 E030.12.898 Camping Luanga Bridge camp ZMK 30.000 pppn Restaurant, hot water, swimming pool Expensive place, but the view over the river is very nice. The campsite is very smal, so when there is an overland truck it will be very crowded
Zambia Kazungula S17.47.163 E025.16.157 Transport Ferry over Zambezi to Botswana
Zambia Livingstone S17.53.205 E025.50.660 Camping Waterfront Campsite US$ 8 pppn Restaurant, hot water, tap, power, swimming pool, internet, booking office Big campsite. Start/Finish for many overland trips therefore very crowded with trucks. At it is close to the river there are many musquitos. Also lot of noice from the nearby airport. Expensive place
Zambia Livingstone S17.50.873 E025.51.239 Camping Jollyboys backpacker US$ 4 pppn Restaurant, hot water, kitchen, swimming pool, kiosk, internet, booking office, free transport to the Vic. Falls Nice cosy place. Not ideal for camping as you have to camp on the parking. Close to the City Center
Zambia Livingstone S17.50.709 E025.51.519 Officials Immigration When you only have a single entry visum and you want to visit the Vic. Falls on the Zimbabwe side, you can get an re-entry stamp here
Zambia Livingstone S17.51.960 E025.51.248 Shops Spar supermarket
Zambia Lusaka S15.23.728 E028.27.073 Camping Pioneer Camp ZMK 25.000 pppn Restaurant, hot water, swimming pool Nice clean place. About 25 km out of Lusaka, which may not be convenient.
Zambia Lusaka S15.30.207 E28.15.901 Camping Eureka Camp ZMK 20.000 pppn Restaurant, hot water, swimming pool, power, tap Big campsite on a private farm where there is also some game. A lot of overland trucks use this place.
Zambia Lusaka S15.24.596 E028.17.786 Restaurant Chit Chat cafe Upmarket restaurant with nice food. Not cheap
Zambia Lusaka S15.24.653 E028.16.350 Medical Corpmed Good private clinic. Appointed by the Austalian Government to do medical tests for visa applications
Zambia Lusaka S15.24.837 E028.16.866 Internet
Zambia Lusaka S15.23.522 E028.18.997 Shops Arcades Mall Good internet cafe, cinema and a special big Spar Supermarket with a wide range of western and luxury products. There is also an ATM and a very good fish restaurant (Ocean Basket)
Zambia Lusaka S15.23.873 E028.18.445 Shops Manda Hill ATM, internet, restaurants, good bakery, Shoprite supermarket and Game (also a kind of Supermarket, but they also sell camera's, machines, tools, hardware, camping gear etc).
Zambia Lusaka S15.24.923 E028.17.216 Officials Central Police
Zambia Lusaka S15.24.966 E028.19.144 Embassy Zimbabwe
Zambia South Luanga NP S13.05.977 E031.47.166 Place of interest Mfuwe Bridge Gate Main Entrance South Luanga NP
Zambia South Luange NP S13.06.298 E031.46.546 Camping Flatdogs US$10 (40.000 ZMK) pppn Restaurant, booking office, hot water, tap, electricity, internet, swimming pool Nice place on the banks of the Luanga river. Many wild animals visit the campsite
Zambia Victoria Falls S17.55.632 E025.51.869 Place of interest Parking Vic. Falls US$ 3 per car

*** ZIMBABWE ***

Zimbabwe, Mana Pools National Park. Attractions: National Park with access also for walkers and motorbikes.
Place to stay:

Zimbabwe, Matusadona National Park. Attractions: National Park with beautiful scenery.
Place to stay:

*** BOTSWANA ***

Botswana, Kasane. Attractions: .
Place to stay: Thebe Campsite.

Botswana, Chobe National Park. Attractions: .
Place to stay: .

Botswana, Okavango Delta National Park. Attractions: .
Place to stay: .

Botswana, Makgadikgadi & Nxai Pans National Park. Attractions: .
Place to stay: .

Extra info and coordinates:
Botswana Kasane S17.48.307 E025.08.856 Banks FNB Bank
Botswana Chobe NP S17.50.484 E024.52.748 Camping Ihaha Camp 30 Pula pppn Toilet, shower Officially you have to make reservartion. From this campsite on the edge of the Chobe river you have a nice view on the plains on the other side. Campsite is not fenced so animals roam freely
Botswana Savute S18.33.912 E024.03.821 Camping Savute public campsite 30 Pula pppn Toilet, shower Officially you have to make a reservation. Campsite is not fenced so animals roam freely.
Botswana Moremi NP S19.10.332 E023.45.193 Camping Moremi North Gate 30 Pula pppn Toilet, shower Officially you have to make a reservation. Campsite is not fenced so animals roam freely.
Botswana Moremi NP S19.10.933 E023.24.929 Camping Xakanaxa campsite 30 Pula pppn Toilet, shower, braai, tap Officially you have to make a reservation. Campsite is not fenced so animals roam freely. On the campsite you can book a nice boatrip onto the Delta
Botswana Maun S19.57.193 E023.28.688 Camping Sedia Hotel 20 Pula pppn Toilet, hot shower, internet, booking office, restaurant, swimming pool, tap Nice campsite behind a very luxorious hotel
Botswana Gweta S20.11.390 E025.18.436 Camping Planet Baobab 45 Pula pppn Toilet, hot shower, restaurant, shelters, booking office (quad bike tour onto the pans), swimming pool Nice but expensive place. You do however have a very nice swimming pool.
Botswana Chobe NP S17.50.597 E025.08.616 Place of interest Sididu Gate
Botswana Chobe NP S17.55.674 E024.43.681 Place of interest Ngoma Gate
Botswana Chobe NP (Savute) S18.23.255 E024.14.736 Place of interest Ghoha Gate
Botswana Chobe NP (Savute) S19.06.171 E023.59.117 Place of interest Mababe Gate
Botswana Maun S19.59.283 E023.25.554 Medical Delta Medical clinic Private clinic
Botswana Kazungula S17.48.281 E025.14.576 Fuel Engen
Botswana Kasane S17.48.086 E025.08.968 Medical Hospital
Botswana Maun S20.00.668 E023.25.848 Garages Lesidi Motors Landrover garage
Botswana Maun S19.59.283 E023.25.554 Garages Rileys Opposite the Delta Medical Clinic you will find Rileys. He has a shell station, a very good workshop (better than the Landrover garage) and a shop.
Botswana Moremi NP S19.10.332 E023.45.193 Place of interest North Gate
Botswana Moremi NP S19.25.547 E023.38.739 Place of interest South Gate
Botswana Moremi NP S19.15.138 E023.24.165 Place of interest 4th bridge
Botswana Mohemba S18.15.516 E021.45.662 Border Border Botswana - Namibia
Botswana Between Moremi-Maun S19.45.837 E023.40.356 Junction Start tarmac

Botswana Ghanzi S21.41.676 E021.38.912 Shops Spar supermarket Also ATM available here
Botswana Ghanzi S21.43.454 E021.38.932 Camping Khawa lodge 30 Pula pppn hot water, restaurant Not very special, but OK for one night
Botswana Lobatse S25.16.486 E025.42.758 Border Pioneer borderpost Border Botswana - South Africa

*** NAMIBIA ***

Namibia, Divundu (Caprivi Strip). Attractions: .
Place to stay: Ngedi Campsite (pricy, many rules). Rainbow River Lodge (cheaper).

Namibia, Rundu. Attractions: .
Place to stay: Sarasungu Campsite.

Namibia, Grootfontein. Attractions: .
Place to stay: Sarasungu Campsite.

Namibia, Kamanjab. Attractions: .
Place to stay: OppieKoppie (free camping).

Namibia, Okahandja. Attractions: .
Place to stay: Okahandja Country Camp (nice campsite).

Namibia, Spitzkoppe. Attractions: .
Place to stay: Spitzkoppe Community Camp.

Namibia, Swakopmund. Attractions: .
Place to stay: Mile 4 Campsite (no shadow, free wifi).

Namibia, Sossusvlei/Sesriem. Attractions: .
Place to stay: Campsite Sesriem in the park.

Namibia, Helmeringhausen. Attractions: .
Place to stay: only 1 campsite

Namibia, Keetmanshoop. Attractions: .
Place to stay: Maritz Campsite.

Namibia, Grunau. Attractions: .
Place to stay: Camping Grunau hotel.

Namibia, Harnas. Attractions: .
Place to stay:

Namibia, Ethosa National Park. Attractions: .
Place to stay:

Namibia, Skeleton Coast. Attractions: .
Place to stay:

Namibia, Fish River Canyon. Attractions: .
Place to stay:

Extra info and coordinates:
Namibia Windhoek S22.35.336 E017.05.160 Shops 4x4 shop
Namibia Windhoek S22.29.235 E017.27.816 Transport International Airport
Namibia Windhoek S22.35.373 E017.04.834 Shops Asco Car hire
Namibia Windhoek S22.36.769 E017.04.331 Accomodation Seventh Heaven Guesthouse Swimming pool B&B
Namibia Swakopmund S22.40.713 E014.31.552 Shops Bakery
Namibia Outjo S20.06.389 E016.09.057 Shops Bakery
Namibia Rundu S17.54.867 E019.46.179 Banks Standard bank Visa ATM
Namibia Outapi S17.30.701 E014.59.289 Camping Ombalantu Baoboab Very big baobab. You can also camp here. Entree is NAD 15 pp
Namibia Sesfontein S19.07.234 E013.37.117 Camping Fort Sesfontein Swimming pool, restaurant, workshop, toilet, hot shower This place also has a workshop where they can help you with your landrover
Namibia Popa Falls S18.07.005 E021.40.179 Camping Ngepi camp 70 NAD pppn restaurant, hot shower, toilet, bar, cage swimming with crocs The toilets and showers are great
Namibia Rundu S17.52.229 E019.54.398 Camping Nkwazi lodge 50 NAD pppn restaurant, swimming pool, hot shower, toilet Nice place. The owner support some education project in the village you can visit. Their technician is a Landrover specialist
Namibia Grootfontein S19.31.419 E018.08.383 Camping Die kraal 50 NAD pppn hot shower, toilet, restaurant The restaurant is specialised in game steaks
Namibia Ondangwa S17.59.021 E016.01.355 Camping Nakambale 50 NAD pppn cold shower, toilet, tap This place is a campsite and museum.
Namibia Swartbooisdrift S17.21.289 E013.52.927 Camping Kunene River Lodge 75 NAD pppn hot shower, toilet, tap, rafting trips, swimming pool, restaurant Owner let us used their internet for free.
Namibia Opuwo S18.03.262 E013.49.960 Camping Kunene Village Restcamp 50 NAD pppn hot shower, toilet, tap
Namibia Epupa S17.00.142 E013.14.671 Camping Epupa Falls Public CS 50 NAD pppn hot shower, toilet, tap Right on the falls and one of the best places in Namibia. Himba people just outside the gate
Namibia Entenga S17.52.239 E012.49.592 Camping Bush camp between Entenga and Orupembe
Namibia Puros S18.43.965 E012.56.512 Camping Puros public campsite nr5 40 NAD pppn hot shower, toilet, braai, tap Nice place, sometimes visited by desert elephants
Namiba Palmwag S19.53.171 E13.56.242 Camping Palmwag lodge 90 NAD pppn hot shower, toilet, braai, tap, restaurant, swimming pool Watch the house elephant coming to the bar sometimes. If you want to shower with a nice view try the shower that belongs to camp 6.
Namibia Swakopmund S22. 40.879 E14.31.430 Accomodation Dunes Backpackers 90 NAD pppn for dorm indoor swimming pool, internet, restaurant, bar Simple place but OK. Good alternative when it is too cold for camping.
Namibia Walvisbaai S22.58.847 E014.29.185 Camping Lagoon Chalets 150 NAD per campsite per day. When it is too cold a room costs 200 NAD per room per night Hot water, toilet, electricity, tap Not very special, but very clean. Because of the fresh strong wind we took a room and that was really clean.
Namibia Spitzkoppe S21.50.065 E015.09.941 Camping Community CS 45 NAD pppn + 10 NAD per car per day no facilities, like a bushcamp The surroundings are really beautiful. You camp between nice rock formations
Namibia Windhoek S22.36.378 E017.05.072 Camping Arebbusch Lodge 75 NAD pppn Hot shower, toilet, electricity, tap, swimming pool, laundry, internet, restaurant Only campsite in the city. Not cheap but a good place to stay for a while.
Namibia Keetmanshoop S26.28.904 E018.14.506 Camping Quivertree Forest 65 NAD pppn Hot shower, toilet, braai, tap Nice place inside the quivertree forest. Entrance fee for the forest and nearby Giants Playground is included.
Namibia Fish River Canyon S27.37.142 E017.42.903 Camping Hobas Campsite 100 NAD pppn and 100 NAD for the campsite Hot shower, toilet, power, braai, tap, swimming pool Good campsite close to the main viewpoint of the Fish River Canyon
Namibia Aus S26.39.323 E016.14.034 Camping Klein Aus Vista 65 NAD pppn Hot shower, toilet, braai, tap, restaurant, internet, firewood Very nice campsite not far from the feral horses. On the land of the lodge there are also some nice hiking trails.
Namibia Sesriem S24.29.038 E015.47.971 Camping Sesriem campsite 150 NAD pppn and 300 NAD for the campsite per night Hot shower, toilet, braai, tap Very expensive campsite. Besides when staying on this campsite you also have to pay entrance fee for sossusvlei as the camp lies within the reserve. However when you want to be in the dunes by sunrise you do not have many options.
Namibia Swakopmund S22.41.188 E014.31.584 Camping Der Alte Brucke 200 NAD for 2 persons per night Your own private hot shower, toilet, braai, tap, power Not cheap but it had the best facilities of the whole trip.
Namibia Henties Bay S22.06.714 E014.16.890 Camping Buck's Camp 150 NAD per campsite per day. Every place has it's own private hot shower, toilet, sink Although very nice facilities the place is a bit depressing. However it is the best option on the coast as many of the other site are unsafe.
Namibia Outjo S19.58.824 E016.24.520 Camping Gamkarab Farm 80 NAD pppn Hot shower, toilet, free firewood, shelter, tap Here you are welcomed as friends instead of tourists and it is a great place to experience farm life. Besided the owner offers many nice acitivities like shooting with real guns, cave climbing to a subterrain lake and horse riding.
Namibia Etosha NP S19.10.975 E015.55.042 Camping Okaukeujo Camp 100 NAD pppn and 200 NAD for the campsite per night Hot shower, braai, electricity, tap, toilet This camp has as far as we are concerned the nicest waterhole. The waterhole is often visited by giraffes and black rhino.
Namibia Etosha NP S19.02.204 E016.28.206 Camping Halali Camp 100 NAD pppn and 200 NAD for the campsite per night Hot shower, braai, electricity, tap, toilet The waterhole near this camp is often visited by a large herd of elephants.
Namibia Cape Cross S21.45.580 E013.58.076 Place of interest Cape Cross Seal Reserve Entry 40 NAD pp and 10 per car Huge colony of Cape Fur Seals. You can get very close to them.
Namibia Windhoek S22.33.653 E017.04.883 Shops Carwash Good and cheap carwash
Namibia Sossusvlei S24.44.809 E015.17.268 Place of interest Dead Vlei Parking and picknick spot
Namibia Luderitz S26.38.125 E015.05.294 Place of interest Diaz Point Very windy sport with a lookout over the sea. Nice drive to get here.
Namibia Sossusvlei S24.43.412 E015.28.258 Place of interest Dune 45 Parking for Dune 45
Namibia Etosha NP S19.19.870 E015.56.412 Place of interest Anderson Gate
Namibia Ondangwa S17.53.912 E015.57.994 Restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken
Namibia Fish River Canyon S27.35.594 E017.37.348 Place of interest Main View Point
Namibia Betta S25.22.943 E016.25..448 Fuel Caltex
Namibia Rundu S17.55.218 E019.46.258 Fuel Engen
Namibia Opuwo S18.03.766 E013.50.479 Fuel BP
Namibia Sesfontein S19.07.240 E013.37.225 Fuel
Namibia Palmwag S19.53.063 E013.56.815 Fuel
Namibia Keetmanshoop S26.27.876 E018.16.189 Place of interest Giants Playground
Namibia Luderitz S26.39.360 E015.04.988 Place of interest Halifax island viewpoint viewpoint to see the pinguins on Halifax island
Namibia Aus S26.35.711 E016.04..546 Place of interest Feral horses viewpoint
Namibia Windhoek S22.33.764 E017.04.527 Camping Cardboard box hostel Hostel that allows camping
Namibia Rundu S17.54.825 E019.46.159 Internet
Namibia Opuwo S18.03.779 E013.50.517 Internet
Namibia Swakopmund S22.40.615 E014.31.543 Internet Out of Africa
Namibia Windhoek S22.34.091 E017.05.008 Internet Fast internet
Namibia Windhoek S22.33.712 E017.05.188 Internet Windhoek Net Cafe
Namibia Opuwo S18.03.724 E013.50.392 Various Kaokoland Info Center
Namibia Kolmanskop S26.42.116 E015.13.902 Place of interest Ghost Town
Namibia Skeleton Coast S20.54.975 E013.27.321 Place of interest Huab lagoon
Namibia Windhoek S22.33.094 E017.05.001 Garages Landrover dealer Expensive and unfriendly
Namibia Brakwater S22.26.247 E017.03.551 Garages Roverland Very good landrover specialist just outside Windhoek
Namibia Windhoek S22.34.672 E017.05.125 Shops LR Parts Has almost every part for Landrovers in stock and is not expensive
Namibia Windhoek S22.34.961 E017.05.596 Shops Maerua Mall Big shopping mall with banks, internet etc. Also an Ocean Basket restaurant here.
Namibia Walvisbaai S22.57.641 E014.29.013 Shops Mola Mola Tours Booking office for the dolphin tours
Namibia Etosha NP S18.48.272 E016.56.777 Camping Namutoni camp
Namibia Skeleton Coast S20.53.438 E013.26.809 Place of interest Old Oil rig Home to a large colony of birds that breed here
Namibia Rundu S18.16.771 E019.24.471 Shops Cymot Midas Car parts and camping gear
Namibia Swakopmund S22.40.640 E014.31.963 Restaurant Papas Pizza
Namibia Opuwo S18.02.987 E013.49.958 Camping Opuwo country hotel Even if you do not want to camp here, the place serves nice food and not expensive.
Namibia Ruacana S17.24.360 E014.13.035 Camping Hippo Pools camp We did not liked this camp, however is make a nice picknick stop
Namibia Walvisbaai S22.56.996 E014.30.196 Transport ZA Trans Shipping company
Namibia Swakopmund S22.40.630 E014.31.512 Shops In front of this parking place you find a nice bakery where you can buy real italian icecream, a biltong shop and an internet cafe.
Namibia Skeleton Coast S20.18.661 E013.38.860 Place of interest Springbokwasser gate North gate
Namibia Skeleton Coast S21.10.396 E013.40.168 Place of interest Ugab gate South gate
Namibia Solitaire S23.53.622 E016.00.328 Shops Try the famous apple pie here
Namibia Spitzkoppe S21.50.387 E015.12.097 Place of interest Gate
Namibia Spitzkoppe S21.50.715 E015.10.985 Place of interest Natural bridge
Namibia Rundu S17.54.826 E019.46.232 Shops Spar supermarket
Namibia Opuwo S18.03.547 E013.50.373 Shops Supermarket
Namibia Sesfontein S19.07.382 E013.37.572 Shops Supermarket
Namibia Windhoek S22.35.260 E017.05.17 Shops Pick Pay supermarket Easy parking here
Namibia Keetmanshoop S26.34.602 E018.08.127 Shops Spar supermarket
Namibia Luderitz S26.38.753 E015.09.252 Shops Spar supermarket
Namibia Windhoek S22.34.088 E017.04.938 Shops Supertires Good tire shop where they sell the Michelin XZY
Namibia Epupa S16.59.961 E013.14.439 Place of interest viewpoint
Namibia Windhoek S22.35.166 E017.04.567 Shops Propshaft engineering for welding of all sorts of metals including aluminium
Namibia Buitepos S22.16.896 E019.59.798 Border Border with Botswana on the Trans Kalahari Highway


Extra info and coordinates:
Swaziland Mbabane S26.23.793 E031.10.341 Accomodation Timbali lodge 640 Rand per room En suite, TV, Airco, minibar, restaurant Very nice place with an excellant restaurant. Not cheap but compared to other hotels the value for your money. Camping here is also possible.
Swaziland Mbabane S26.24.767 E031.10.557 Shops Besibuko handicraft market Very large market. Bargain hard for a good price.
Swaziland Mbabane S26.25.371 E031.10.708 Restaurant Woodlands Very good restaurant
Swaziland Mbabane S26.26.367 E031.10.951 Place of interest Swazi cultural village Here you can visit a cultural village. Also the tourist information is situated here.


Extra info and coordinates:
South Africa Pretoria S25.43.395 E028.12.186 Shops LA Sports 4x4 equipment shop. Here you can buy TJM shock absorbers.
South Africa Pretoria S25.47.372 E028.16.479 Shops Safari center 4x4 equipment shop. Here you can buy Old Men Emu shocks.
South Africa Pretoria S25.47.457 E028.16.691 Shops 4x4 Megaworld 4x4 equipment shop.
South Africa Zeerust S25.32.706 E026.04.760 Banks FNB Bank
South Africa Zeerust S25.33.021 E026.04.455 Camping Sha-Hennes 30 Rand pppn Toilet, hot shower, restaurant Not special but OK for one night
South Africa Pretoria S25.47.227 E028.11.737 Camping Fountains Valley 91,20 Rand per site per night Toilet, hot shower, electricity, water tap Public campsite. Safe but noisy and next to the railway and highway.
South Africa Twana lodge S25.48.481 E028.23.273 Camping Twana lodge 45 Rand pppn Toilet, hot shower, internet, book exchange, bar, living room, kitchen, swimming pool, workshop and place to dump old oil Very nice place. It simmilar to Jungle Junction in Nairobi; an overlanders paradise very many fascilities.
South Africa Nelspruit S25.27.964 E030.56.862 Camping Safubi Caravan Park 70 Rand pppn Toilet, hot shower, power, water tap Clean but big campsite that can be crowded with families with kids during holidays.
South Africa Kruger NP, Letaba S23.51.253 E031.34.499 Camping Letaba 120 Rand per site per night Hot water, tap, swimming pool, braai, power, ATM, shops, restaurant Big campsite with many fascilities.
South Africa Kruger NP, Skukuza S24.59.701 E031.35.518 Camping Skukuza 120 Rand per site per night Hot water, tap, swimming pool, braai, power, ATM, shops, restaurant, internet Big campsite with many fascilities.
South Africa St. Lucia S28.22.743 E032.24.577 Camping Bib Backpackers 60 Rand pppn hot water, bar, restaurant, public kitchen, internet, booking office Not very clean but OK and on a good location. Camping is on the grass or on the parking if you have a rooftoptent
South Africa Durban S29.50.999 E030.59.872 Accomodation Nomad backpackers 185 Rand per room per night Double bed, ensuite bathroom, public kitchen, internet, secure parking, bar Good backpackers place on a good location close to a very large mall.
South Africa Durban S29.50.899 E030.56.025 Shops Pavilion Mall Very big mall on the edge of town.
South Africa Durban S29.51.628 E031.02.031 Transport MSC shipping company Shipping company that sails to most harbours. Here we got the best offer.
South Africa Sun City S25.21.540 E027.06.423 Place of interest Sun City Luxury gambling, shopping and fun
South Africa Jeppes Reef S25.45.041 E031.28.088 Border Border between South Africa and Swaziland
South Africa Scottburg S30.17.164 E030.45.563 Camping Scottburg Campsite R116 for 2 persons per night hot shower, toilet, power, water tap,public washing machines and tumble dryers, shop Nice and clean place right on the beach. Place is however visited a lot by old people
South Africa Cape Town S33.55.913 E018.28.014 Transport Federal Clearing Forwarding Very good agent that arranged our complete shipment for a very good price.
South Africa Simonstown S34.11.699 E018.26.816 Place of interest Boulders Beach Pinguin colony
South Africa Butterworth S32.19.397 E028.08.707 Accomodation Country club R300 per room for one night En suite, TV, Airco, bar and restaurant Best place to stay in town. Officially you must be a member but staying here was no problem. They have secure parking and you can also camp here.
South Africa Tsitsikamma S33.57.969 E023.39.441 Camping Khoisan village R140 per night per site for the first two people toilet, hot shower, power, water tap Unfriendly campsite close to the highway. The water for showering was brown and cold.
South Africa Swellendam S34.00.751 E020.27.317 Camping Swellendam backpackers R45 pppn toilet, hot water, bar, internet Nice backpackers place with a lot of space for camping
South Africa Muizenberg S34.05.911 E018.28.364 Camping Zandvlei R84 per site per night toilet, hot water, power, public washing machine and tumble dryer Big place with a somewhat lonely atmosphere
South Africa Kommetjie S34.07.963 E018.20.282 Camping Imhof R60 pppn toilet, hot water, power, braai, public washing machine and tumble dryer Nice campsite
South Africa Cape Town S33.56.416 E018.33.895 Various Hannibal Workshop hannibal equipment. Go here to get your Hannibal gear serviced.
South Africa Butterworth S32.19.699 E028.08.669 Junction Junction to the Country Club
South Africa Cape Town S34.02.023 E018.29.105 Garages LR Service Expensive Landrover workshop, but they sell every part you need.
South Africa Muizenberg S34.05.795 E018.28.773 Garages Faser Scotsman who has his own Landrover workshop. Jim is skilled, charges reasonable prices and willing to help you quickly. We can really recommend him.
South Africa Cape Town S33.53.733 E018.33.314 Garages Landrover Official dealer
South Africa Cape Town S33.54.886 E018.28.607 Shops 4x4 Megaworld 4x4 equipment
South Africa Cape Town S33.54.634 E018.28.224 Garages Landrover workshop Another Landrover workshop. Has less parts in stock than LR service, but is a bit cheaper.
South Africa Cape Town S33.55.167 E018.27.339 Transport SACD container terminal Here all containers shipped from Cape Town are packed.