Onze motoren:

-Info over welke motor: Honda NX 250 of een Suzuki DR 350

Jullie kunnen wel zien,  beide wat lichtere motoren, dat is wat ons in ieder geval meer trekt, niet "racen" maar lekker "tuffen" door de landen, en.....zitten we ooit vast de modder of in het losse zand? Hoe lichter hoe makkelijker los!!

- Vooral na het zien van de serie de Long Way Down waren we overtuigd, want die BMW 1200 GS leek ons veeeeeeel te zwaar!

Tja...water of lucht gekoeld, 250 of 350, en vooral......welke kleur wil Marly! hmmm
En onze keus is uiteindelijk gevallen op de Honda NX 250, de rode watergekoelde 250cc motor.

 Honda NX250 Honda NX250

Some pictures of our Honda NX 250's kitted out for traveling Africa:

Bikes fully loaded:

Detail of fully loaded bike 1:

Detail of fully loaded bike 2:

Bikes unloaded, all the lugage in front of our tent: (oversized tent, sleeps us 2 persons AND takes all of our bags, as we can't leave soft lugage on the bikes at night, etc. (something that you can do with 'hard' lugage))

Bikes unloaded, all the lugage in front of our tent:

All the lugage in the tent:

Unloaded bikes in front of the loaded tent:

And this is what it looks like when you have a puncture at the side of the road:

We have our Nixies (NX250's) kitted out with xenon lighting:

Check the difference:

Halogen normal beam:

Xenon normal beam:

Halogen high beam:

Xenon high beam:

Nice way to take your tire lifters:

First wrap them in bicycle inner tube:

Then tie them to the frame:

We also use them on the exhaust, to keep our soft bags from burning:

We now use some home-made toolrolls. It saves a lot of weight and space in the travel bags, when you put the tools and spares in these toolrolls. Only take care for the exhaust pipe!

The toolrolls are made of 38cm lengths of 110mm diameter PVC sewer pipes. One end cap is glued tight. The other end cap is mounted with a lockplate and a padlock and can be opened easily, but doesn't come off when the padlock is put.

The toolrolls are attached with 160mm diameter hoseclamp rings.

Toolrolls are fitted on a threaded end of steel that goes in the unused mount holes of the engine:

Here you can see the arrangement of the threaded end, behind the engine guard:

Toolroll mounted, from the front:

Toolroll mounted, from the side:

Toolroll mounted, from the back:

We also have 75mm diameter PVC sewer pipe toolrolls at the back of the bikes, between the passenger footrest and the lugage rack. See previous pictures of our bikes on this pages how they look.