Our adventures from 27 September until 7 October 1999

If you want to go to South-Africa, you need this crappy piece of paper in your pasport:

When you arrive above Johannesburg this is what you see, unless
you are vomitting...(according to Michel):

We found this a decent place to live. So we moved in...:
The front of the bungalow:

The pool where we relax... Behind your back is the trampoline:

This will be our fake parents for the next couple of months:
Jeroen is the lawnmownerman:

Inge is taking good care of us:

This is the place where we are supposed to work our asses off:
This is the so calles Senate House:

If you want to take a swim during the break, this is the place to be, WITS Swimmingpool:

During our adventures this is our "buddy" and "brother in crime": The Benoni Mobile!

On the highway this is a very normal sight, but we just can get used to it:

Echt waar!
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